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The Devil's Angels MC Book 5-Cash

The Devil's Angels MC Book 5-Cash

The Devil's Angels MC:  Book 5 - Cash

Paperback - 523 pages.


** Note **  All paperbacks bought here will come signed.  If you'd like them personalized to someone specific, please mention that in the "Personalization box".



Being a female in a male-dominated career can be daunting, but I refuse to allow others’ attitudes to deter me. I always try to be professional, compassionate and non-judgmental. Through hard work, I have earned respect within my department. Wearing a badge and uniform, I’ve seen the best and worst of humanity. Heartbreaking, dangerous, hectic or hilarious, I approach each shift, and person, with an open mind.
As all cops know, the partner you’re teamed up with makes all the difference in the world, and I struck gold. Work partners and best friends, James and I have a tight, unshakable bond. We’re each other’s support system when things get rough and defend each other’s right to wear the uniform against anyone who believes otherwise.

Muscled, tall, tatted and The Devil’s Angels MC Sergeant at Arms, some see me as an intimidating man. Others see me as quiet, thoughtful and dedicated to my blood and MC families. I’m the first call everyone makes when things are going sideways. Whether it’s bullets or fists flying, I’m the man you want at your back. Highly respected within my club, I live by a strict biker code.
When a life-altering event occurs in my life, I will not waver in doing what’s right. With the love and support of my two families, I’ll face my new circumstances with determination.

When a large, quiet biker crosses paths with an outgoing female cop, things are never the same. Those two lifestyles should stay worlds apart, and yet there’s a pull between them that neither can deny.


**This is Book 5 in the Devil’s Angels MC Series. The books should be read in order to fully enjoy the storyline. More books in this series are to follow.

While this book does not contain a cliffhanger for the main characters, there is a parallel storyline within that will continue in the following books.**

** Mature content. Discretion is advised. Recommended for age 18 years and up. Contains sexual situations, violence, sensitive subjects, offensive language and mature topics. Content warning for some readers.**

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