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The Devil's Angels MC Book 1-Gunner

The Devil's Angels MC Book 1-Gunner

The Devil's Angels MC:  Book 1 - Gunner

Paperback - 488 pages.


** Note **  All paperbacks bought here will come signed.  If you'd like them personalized to someone specific, please mention that in the "Personalization box".




Left to die as an infant, Ava Beaumont has not had an easy life.  Being raised by the system has taught her to be independent, hardworking and cautious.  When Ava becomes a victim she uses her inner strength to put it behind her and move forward.  Now she lives a good life with the family she’s created through adopting pets that were also throwaways, including a smart mouthed parrot and a skateboarding pig.  When Ava meets Gunner she realizes what her life is lacking but does she have the courage to trust a big, rough biker enough to let him into her safe little life?



Being the President of the Devil’s Angels MC was not something Gunner asked to become but through the loss of his dad the job was thrust upon him.  While he loves his club and club brothers wholeheartedly, Gunner wants his club to move in a better direction.  And when Gunner spots bakery owner Ava, he realizes that’s not the only change he wants to make in his life. 


Nothing worth having is easy to acquire.


This is an MC story with a heart.  Come meet the crazy pets and even crazier club members of the Devil’s Angels MC.


**While this book does not contain a cliffhanger for the main characters, there is a parallel storyline within that will continue in the following books.**

** Mature content. Discretion is advised. Recommended for age 18 years and up. Contains sexual situations, violence, sensitive subjects, offensive language and mature topics. Content warning for some readers.**

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