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The Devil's Angels MC Book 2 - Axel

The Devil's Angels MC Book 2 - Axel

The Devil's Angels MC:  Book 2 - Axel

Paperback - 416 pages


** Note **  All paperbacks bought here will come signed.  If you'd like them personalized to someone specific, please mention that in the "Personalization box".



I’m the sensible, independent, quiet and hardworking accountant girl next door.  My life is safe, sane, predictable and boring.  My biggest concern is dealing with my free spirited, wild child parent. 

Until it’s not.

The day I see something I shouldn’t have and crash into the crazy lives of The Devil’s Angels MC is the day my life changes forever.  That’s the day I looked into the bluest eyes I have ever seen and knew nothing would ever be the same.



My life is perfect.  I’m the Vice President of my club, The Devil’s Angels MC, and we’ve moved the club in the right direction.  I manage the club’s gym, own my own home and have women around that are always up for a night of fun.  I have my club brothers, the world’s best dad and a new sister. Family is everything in my world and I have a great one.  What more could a guy want or need?

That question is answered when a tiny, little woman slams her way into my life.  I never saw her coming, but I’m not letting her leave.


**While this book does not contain a cliffhanger for the main characters, there is a parallel storyline within that will continue in the following books.**

** Mature content. Discretion is advised. Recommended for age 18 years and up. Contains sexual situations, violence, sensitive subjects, offensive language and mature topics. Content warning for some readers.**


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