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The Devil's Angels MC Book 3 - Pooh

The Devil's Angels MC Book 3 - Pooh

The Devil's Angels MC:  Book 3 - Pooh

Paperback - 574 pages


** Note **  All paperbacks bought here will come signed.  If you'd like them personalized to someone specific, please mention that in the "Personalization box".




Owning and operating a home for victims of domestic violence doesn’t leave a woman wanting a man in her life.  Not a permanent one anyway.  Having been a victim myself, I chose to open this refuge to help others that are in a similar situation that I had been.  I was one of the lucky ones because my foster mom was always my rock, my safe haven.  It was never me alone against the world. We decided, together, that we wanted to be just that for others.  New Horizons is born and we are on a mission to save all that we can.



I’m restless, bored and I want more.  I want what some of my club brothers have found.  I want that one woman that is meant to be mine. 

The problem is that I don’t know any women that qualify.  Being in a motorcycle club brings women around in flocks but they’re not meant to be mine when they’re clearly everyone’s girls. 

Then I meet her.  The One. 

Now the problem is that she is not interested in me or a relationship and not a big fan of men in general.  She’s a strong, independent woman and a little spitfire when it comes to protecting those she’s sworn to keep safe. 

She will be mine and I’ll prove to her that men, like me and my club brothers from the Devil’s Angels MC, are nothing like the men she’s known before.


**While this book does not contain a cliffhanger for the main characters, there is a parallel storyline within that will continue in the following books.**

** Mature content. Discretion is advised. Recommended for age 18 years and up. Contains sexual situations, violence, sensitive subjects, offensive language and mature topics. Content warning for some readers.**

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