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A Day in the Life of Mac

A Devil’s Angels MC Series Short Story By Lola Wright

I love mornings. I sit on my perch watching my family members getting their day started. First, there’s always Dad (who prefers it when I call him Gunner) coming to the kitchen to get coffee for him and Mom. He always takes a moment to check in with me and see how I’m doing. He might own the house, but he knows who’s the King of it.

Dad always checks in on the kids and other pets before making coffee. For a big, tough biker, he’s a bit soft-hearted for those he calls his own. Then we spend a few minutes together before he disappears back to the bedroom to spend quiet time with Mom. This is when I make the rounds and wake everyone up even though Dad orders me not to every single day.

I like waking the twins, Mia and Zoe, up with a new song I’ve heard or made up. Their giggles are infectious, and I love those little faces of theirs. If I put out the effort, I can make enough racket to wake up all the pets at the same time. I always put out the effort.

Gee, officially known as Magnum P.I.G., is easy to wake but slow to wake-up. He’s a funny little pig that stumbles around for a few minutes every morning before his smiling face decides to shine through.

Loki, our Native American Dog, is always already awake but laying quietly by the twin’s beds. It’s not easy, usually impossible, to get one over on him. Due to his size and protectiveness, I seldom try.

Then there’s Duffy. The largest cat most have ever seen, and he’s not known for being very forgiving. I learned early on that while he’s grumpy and lazy, he’s also very vain. He loves to be told how pretty he is and I know how to work that info. I might have a bird-sized brain, but it’s firing on all cylinders.

Then there’s my mom, Ava. She’s pretty chill except toward bad people. Anyone who abuses women, kids or animals needs to keep their distance. That woman can be a ferocious momma bear when those lines are crossed. Love that woman. Would die for that woman.

Now comes my favorite part of the morning. Everyone’s awake and in the kitchen while Mom cooks for us. It’s chaos with kids, pets and parents rushing around all trying to be heard over the other.

The twins are tossing Cheerios back and forth with Gee cleaning up the ones that hit the floor. I’m strutting my beautiful self up and down the bar in front of them adding to the noise level exponentially. Mom continues cooking and chatting with Dad, but he’s starting to give me that look. The one that says he’s not had enough coffee yet to deal with me. I love that look. My mission in life is to be the center of everyone’s universe and Dad’s look tells me that I’m currently the center of his.

I start listening for the knock on the front door that happens every morning. If it’s one knock, it’s Pops coming for breakfast and quality time with his girls. If it’s a hard banging, it’s Axel coming for breakfast, time with his girls and round one of the continuous battle of Axel and Mac. While I love Pops, it’s Axel I look forward to each day.

Axel (or Assman as I like to call him) and I have an ongoing battle of the wits. Some days, it’s like I’m fighting an unarmed man. Other days, he gives a good effort at matching my arguing skills. I never know what kind of day it’s going to be, so I’m always anxious to get it on.

A hard, repeated banging on the door announces Axel’s arrival. As usual, Dad stomps to the door to unlock it. He tosses it open, ready to tear into Axel for the umpteenth time. Axel, as usual, brushes past totally ignoring Dad’s rant. It’s go-time.

“Hi Uncle Assman!” I screech.

“Shut it, Mac. How’s my girls?” Axel asks while crouching down next to the twins for their morning smooches.

“Uncle Axel. Loves you,” Mia says while patting him on his bald head.

“Loves you more,” Zoe insists while offering Axel a smooshed Cheerio.

As much as I like to give Axel hell, the man does love his family. The twins adore him and Mom hasn’t stopped smiling since he became her brother. For these reasons, I allow him to live.

“Why do you feel the need to beat my damn door down every morning?” Dad asks Axel with disgust.

“Give me back my key and I wouldn’t have to,” Axel answers while moving a chair in between the twin’s highchairs.

“I took it because I didn’t want your face to be the first thing I saw every damn day. You should be home with your woman and child,” Dad insists.

“It’s mommy/daughter time so I get banned for a while. I come here to get my uncle time in. I love my nieces regardless that their father is a massive dick. Ava, you could’ve done so much better than him,” Axel says while loading his plate.

“Language!” I shout at Axel while pushing the swear jar his direction.

“I didn’t swear! Gunner did!” Axel argues.

“He’s allowed,” I taunt.

“Well, I still didn’t swear. So, you can take your swear jar and put it sideways up your—"

“Stop right there!” Mom warns while dropping a stack of pancakes on Axel’s plate.

I bark out a loud, annoying laugh at the look Mom’s giving Axel. I do it again when Axel shoots me the evil eye. First point of the day goes to me.

Looking toward the front door when I hear it open, I see my buddy Chubs entering with his usual smile.

“I smelled bacon,” he says as he takes a seat at the table after giving Mom and the twins each a kiss on the cheek. I get a wing/fist bump. Chubs never forgets me. Mac loves Chubs.

“Wanna ride with me today, Mac? I have some errands to run for the body shop,” Chubs asks as he fills his plate.

“Yes!” I holler while snatching a raspberry from Axel’s plate. I don’t like raspberries, but I like that it sets Axel off.

“Get away from my food, Mac!” Axel snaps while guarding his plate with his forearm. “Why’s this bird allowed on the table?”

“Mac! Off the table and quit stealing food,” Mom says while setting me on the counter instead. Damn!

Axel shoots a smirk at me, so I fling his raspberry back at him. Score! Forehead shot! Who’s smirking now, Assman?

“Ava!” Axel screeches while wiping berry juice from his forehead.

“Mac, behave or go to your room. Axel, go home,” Dad interjects in an irritated voice.

“Uncle Axel stay!” shouts Mia.

“Mac stay!” argues Zoe.

“Thank you, Zoe,” Axel answers.

Too bad he can never tell the twins apart. Gunner mixes them up a lot too. I know which is which, though. Mom, Trudy and Chubs always know too.

“I’m Mia!”

“Are you sure?” Axel stupidly asks.

“Tink so,” grumbles Mia.

“You Mia. Me Zoe,” Zoe confirms while stuffing pancakes into her mouth with her hand.

I make a note to stay out of Zoe’s reach until she gets her hands washed. Syrup and feathers don’t mix well.

After breakfast is finished, Chubs again kisses Mom and the twins on the cheek, says bye to everyone and holds his hand out for me to step up. I do, and along with Gee, we’re out of here.

Cruising around in the wrecker with Chubs is one of my favorite times. He points things out and teaches me new stuff all day. I always love the look on people’s faces when a biker, a parrot and a pig show up to save their day. We help them out and I think of us as wrecker superheroes. Now, I just need a cape.

After a day of hanging with my buddies, Chubs and Gee, I’m back at the clubhouse. I’m strutting my stuff up and down the bar belting out a Taylor Swift song. I like being on the bar best because behind it’s a huge mirror. I know I’m a handsome dude and watching myself in the mirror helps me improve my dance moves. I’m planning on having a woman someday, so I need to practice my mating moves. I want to be ready when I meet “the one”.

I continue shaking my tail feathers and singing while watching the club members enter the clubhouse. They must be having Church tonight. Great for me because that gives me more people to entertain and dazzle. I stop singing long enough to greet each one and give them a wing-wave.

Mom and the other women are having a hen party in the kitchen while they cook together. I’m watching the door closely because I know Tessie will be here soon since Trigger and Petey have arrived. I like Tessie, mostly because she loves me, but also because we’re a lot alike. She never fails to chat with me and, because Bella is usually next to her, that means I’m the center of attention of two beautiful ladies.

“Hey Mac! What’s shakin’?” Tessie asks as her and Bella approach the bar.

“Hi, Mac,” Bella says.

“My booty!” I answer.

“Show us your best moves,” Tessie orders and they take seats in front of me.

I strut up and down the bar, bobbing my head and stomping my feet. I stop, shake my booty in their direction, before stretching my wings out wide.

Both ladies start laughing and clapping their hands, encouraging me. I ruffle my feathers and continue my Mac moves much to their delight. I’m a delight. A pure, fucking delight regardless of what Axel says. He’s just jealous because everyone loves me.

Unfortunately for me, Gee decides now is a great time to show off his skateboarding abilities. He garners the ladies’ attention and they’re now clapping their hands and encouraging him. I watch him ride his skateboard around the main room and have to admit he’s gotten very good at it. I love that little pig, but he’s an attention whore, and he’s just stolen my moment.

“Bacon, anyone?” I shout.

“Mac! Be nice!” Tessie says while frowning at me.

Well, hell. The moment has passed and it’s time for me to find a place to pout. I flutter down to the floor, walk through the kitchen and wait for someone to open the door.

“Where you going, Mac?” Mom asks.


“Nobody’s there right now. Why don’t you hang with us here?”


“Okay, little bird man. What’s got your feathers in a twist?” Mom asks with a sigh.


“Stole your attention again, didn’t he?” Mom questions with a grin.

“Yes!” I shout.

“You can be the center of my attention, Mac. Chubs gave me his stash of cashews. Want to go outside with me and take a break?” Lucy asks quietly.

I love Lucy. She’s perfect for Chubs and she always knows when to speak up. Otherwise, she’s very quiet. She’s a great listener and I love to talk. Match made in heaven.

“Yes, please,” I answer while she opens the door and we walk outside to the lawn chairs.

After taking a seat, Lucy breaks out my favorite snack. We chat and my ruffled feathers are soothed. Nothing helps more than female attention when a guy needs a little pick me up.

“I’m working at New Horizons tomorrow. Want to come there with me? The women love having you around and the kids think you’re amazing,” Lucy asks softly.

“I am. Yes, please.”

“Cool! We’ll stop at the store and pick up snacks before we go. I’ll come pick you up in the morning,” Lucy says.

Before I can answer, my chair collapses. I flap my wings enough to avoid being squished in the chair and I land safely on the ground.

“I’ve been Lucy’ed!” I screech.

“Oh, Mac! I’m so sorry! Are you okay?” Lucy rushes to say as she sets the chair back up into position.

I’m not getting back on that chair with Lucy still here. Weird things always happen around her and this little birdie needs to stay prepared for shit to go down.

“I be fine,” I assure her.

“Can I ask you a question?” Lucy asks with a head tilt.


“Ava said your wings aren’t clipped, but you never fly anywhere. I’m just wondering why when it would be quicker than walking. I’d fly if I could.”

How do I answer this? Nobody has ever asked before. Mom’s asked the vet but never me. Looks to me like Lucy thinks about things way more than people and birds realize.

“Secret?” I ask with my own adorable head tilt.

“I can keep a secret, Mac. I’m very good at that, in fact. I promise I won’t tell anyone, not even Chubs, if you don’t want me to,” Lucy responds sincerely.


Lucy stares wide-eyed at me for a full minute before replying.

“Scared to fly? You’re a bird, Mac. That’s what they do.”

“Of heights.”

Again, with the staring. Geesh.

“You’re afraid of heights. Okay, I guess I get that because I kind of am too. I just didn’t know birds could be afraid of heights. That’s interesting to know. Thank you for sharing that with me.”


“You know you could still fly but just stay close to the ground. That way, you could go fast but not have to be afraid of being high in the air,” Lucy reasons.

Huh. Didn’t ever think about that before. Maybe flying could be fun if I stayed close to the ground. I’m liking Lucy more and more now.

“You could dive-bomb Axel that way too. Scare him a little. Maybe chase him around the compound and amuse all of us,” Lucy adds with a sly grin.

Okay, it’s official. I’m totally in love with Lucy and her devious ways.

“Maybe you should practice first since you haven’t been flying much.”

We do a wing/fist bump and I’m off running to test this out. Lift off and I’m soaring a few feet above the ground. I do like the feel of the wind in my feathers. I zig and zag my way around the back of the clubhouse while watching Lucy toss up the victory sign. Her smile makes this all worth it.

After a few minutes, I fly a little higher until I’m about eight feet off the ground. That’s about as high as I want to go for now because of a twinge of fear that hits me. But I fight that off and soar like the magnificent bird that I am. At about eight feet off the ground anyway. But it’s still soaring and I’m counting it as a win!

When I land on the ground next to Lucy, she starts clapping like mad at my awesomeness. I’m impressed with myself too.

“Whatcha’ clapping about?” Craig asks Lucy as he stops next to us.

Craig’s got a blue baby sling on just like Axel uses for little Alex. In his sling though is Bart, his skunk. On his back, sound asleep and safe as can be, Bart’s tucked in like a bug in a rug.

“Hi Craig. Mac and I were just chatting. Are you looking for Taja?” Lucy asks.

“Tessie and Bella told me to come here because we’re going to be eating soon. Is Taja here too? I washed and dressed up just in case,” Craig answers while looking pretty darn good in his romantic shirt and clean jeans.

Before Lucy can reply, the female population of The Devil’s Angels MC walk outside with platters and bowls of food. They place everything on the picnic tables, ready for when Church ends.

I look at each of them and again count my blessings for having become a member of this family. Mom, Trudy, Bailey, Lucy, Pippa, Tammy, Bella, Tessie, and the rest of the women are the real backbone of the club. The men think they are, but they’re wrong. Except for Chubs. He’s definitely the most loved of all, male or female.

As for the men of the club, Gunner’s the tallest, Vex the prettiest. Axel is the funniest even when he’s not trying to be. Pooh and Trigger have the biggest hearts even though only one of them is okay with people knowing that fact. Petey’s the best dad ever but he’s got some strong competition amongst the others now. Cash is the quiet one, Pigeon the loud one. Rex, Reeves, Reno, Freddy, Horse Nuts and Toes fill in the gaps and make this unit stronger. Everyone has a part to play and everyone’s a respected member. Then there’s the pets. Considered just as much family as the humans. I rank at the top of that pile, I believe. I’m the voice for the pets and I take that seriously. I can’t wait to see who comes home with the next pet and what it’ll be. Regardless of what it is, I’ll be its ruler.

Conversation flows while everyone eats dinner together. There’s a lot of laughter and joking amongst everyone, and you can feel the love. While munching on a carrot, I get hit with a strawberry. I know right where to look and when I do, I see Axel grin.

“Axel! What the heck?” Mom hollers at him while Pops smacks the back of his head.

“He had that coming. The feathered bastard hit me in the face with a raspberry this morning, and you saw it,” Axel replies, grin still in place.

“Batward!” shouts Zoe while pointing her finger at Axel.

Oh, this is getting good! I watch Mom and Dad’s faces turn to glare at Axel, and I’m a contented little parrot right now.

“Watch your words! There’s little ears here,” Trudy admonishes Axel along with a slap to his forearm.

“Not nice language to use in front of the women, Axel. Even I know that and I’m just a kid,” Craig says in a condescending tone. “Sorry about his rude manners, Taja.”

“You swear all the time! Your potty mouth is about as dirty as you usually are!” Axel shouts at Craig.

“Craig?” Pippa asks while giving that mom look we all want to avoid.

“I don’t use swears in front of the women or kids. Pooh told me not to, so I don’t. He said it’s okay when it’s just us men, and Axel, around though,” Craig calmly replies.

I watch Pooh cringe knowing he’ll be hearing about that later while everyone else laughs.

“What do you mean ‘us men and Axel’”? Axel questions with an annoyed look.

“Vex said he might be pretty, but you’re the girliest of the guys, so I’m not sure if you’re one of the men or not. I’ll have to ask Chubs about that when we’re doing our learning things tomorrow. Can I have more chicken, please?” Craig replies without a single concern as to what he said.

“I can’t believe that I’m the one being picked on here when Mac, the rat bast…” Axels stops speaking abruptly when Gunner starts to stand.

“Batward!” says Mia finishing Axel’s phrase for him.

I let out a long, loud belly laugh imitating Petey’s just to annoy Axel a little more. It works.

Axel, using his spoon, starts flinging peas my direction. His aim is bad unless he intended to hit Trigger instead. I’m guessing he didn’t by the look on his face. But the look on Trigger’s face–priceless!

“Why, for God’s sake, Petey, didn’t you use protection?” Trigger shouts while wiping peas off his face.

“We’ve been asking that for years,” Cash murmurs with a smile.

“I heard that!” Axel shouts at Cash.

“Intended for you to hear it. Still waiting for Petey to give us a good answer, though,” Cash replies.

“I made a mistake and have been paying for it since,” Petey says with a sad shake of his head and a wide grin.

“Problem with that is why do we have to pay for it too?” questions Pooh.

“I’m done eating and I’m done being insulted. Give me my child, Bailey,” Axel orders with a pout firmly planted on his face.

“No. Trudy wants some Grandma time, so she’s taking Alex home with her for a few hours,” Bailey answers while smiling up at a standing Axel.

“Baby hound,” Axel mutters irritably as he stands and starts stomping across the lot.

I look at Lucy and see the wink and nod she gives me. It’s go-time.

Much to everyone’s surprise, I lift off the table into flight and fly my gorgeous little bird ass straight for Axel’s head. I glide above him just low enough to drag my feet across his baldness. To my utmost delight, Axel screeches and covers his head. He has no idea it’s me that’s about to bring death from above. Or maybe just a little mayhem for my fun and total amusement.

When Axel whirls around and looks up to see what touched him, I strike again. Only this time, I thump both feet, soles first, into his forehead before flying just out of reach.

“What the fuck, Mac? You can’t fly!” Axel shouts just as I’m lining up for another dive-bombing run.

He sees it coming and takes off running, arms covering his head. I listen to the roaring laughter coming from the crowd and nearly collide with a tree. I need to concentrate better or I’m going to crash and burn.

I chase Axel down the street and then back up it. When he dives under the closest picnic table, I gently land myself on another, directly in front of Lucy. We wing/fist bump and our bond’s sealed. Partners in crime. Chubs is laughing so hard he’s set his fork down, so I know how good of a show I put on.

“You said he couldn’t fly! You lied, Ava!” Axel shouts while peeking his head carefully out from under the table.

“I didn’t lie! I’ve never seen him fly more than it took to get up on a table or perch!” Mom shouts back.

“Maybe Mac has always been able to fly, but just needed the right motivation to do so,” Lucy states in a sweet voice while giving Axel the side-eye look.

“Give the lady a cashew!” I shout.

Axel cramming his large body under a picnic table, the laughter from the kids and adults and my newfound abilities have made this the perfect Mac day. Dad may be the President of the Devil’s Angels MC, but I am, and always will be, The King.

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Ashley Denson
Ashley Denson
4 days ago

I can’t wait for more books about these characters lol I love them all!


Rose Helg
Rose Helg
17 lis 2022

💓💓💓💓 it!!!


Casey Wells
Casey Wells
24 wrz 2022

Oh my God between the tears and my sides hurting I can't laugh any harder I'm dying here. Beyond in love with Mac but now oh I need a bird


More more more. I miss your stories so much. Please give us more soon


Lesley Stuart
Lesley Stuart
19 cze 2022

OMG Priceless. Thank you.

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